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APH In Blind Eyes 3/3

APH In Blind Eyes part 3

By: Stitches from TIC at DA and Creamofbroccoli at LJ

[[be warned.... there is rape.... rape is a terrible thing so i made it scary and realistic.... besides demon but ya]]

          He tried to swing back but had little luck as his arms were forced upon the ground. He was pinned, kicking and kneeing at the creature who had taken the shape of Denmark. He was scared, the thought of being raped by anyone terrified the hell out of him. He thrashed and struggled against it’s grip.

                     “No! Get off me!” He cried trying to keep his eyes away, trying to fight back as his small wrists were taken into one of the creature’s claw like hands. A sickening growl arose in the creature’s throat as it chomped down into Norway’s neck, making the nation cry out loudly as his eyes opened widely from the pain. Norway struggled more, trying to kick it off. The creature moved a leg in as it sucked and lapped up the blood, which was spilling out of Norway’s neck.

                              “No! No!” His heart was panicking, he didn’t want this, but, he was unable to do anything about it…

                   The creature pulled out a knife and sliced a thin line down the center of Norway’s chest and held it close to his face right after, “You’ve got one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen…” it said with it’s disgusting contorted grin, “….. I can’t wait to tear through it…”

                    Norway shook under it, blood spilling out of his neck and chest. The knife started along his cheek, but was dragged deeply down to his chest stopping at his abdomen. He held his breath as the creature did this, not letting it have the satisfaction again. Then… he felt his pants being pulled at.

                He started to struggle and thrash again spilling blood and reclaiming one of his hands, punching the creature across the face, freeing himself from it’s grips, he was now able to run and grab something to protect himself with. He was only able to run a couple of feet before he was grabbed again and thrown against the wall, having the back of his head grabbed and smashed into the wall repeatedly. He was thrown again, against a table, bent over it. Before he could get up his head was slammed into the cold surface and his hands spread upwards, wrist on top of wrist, having them stabbed into to make him stop moving. He yelled loudly, letting tears fall as blood was smeared across the table under him. He couldn’t move, he was trapped. His legs were spread, pants pulled down to pool around his ankles. He cried as he looked up towards the others bodies, eyes moving towards Denmark’s sewed up eyes. His hips were grabbed. Still looking at the real Denmark he whispered, “Jeg elsker deg….” As the first of many painful thrusts entered his body. He cried onto the table, as blood spilled out more onto the table.

                    He felt it’s nail scratch down his back, cutting deep into his skin. His thighs were being stabbed into, fingers being shoved into his mouth cutting his tongue and the inside of his mouth. The creature laughed as it thrusted itself deep into Norway, as the Norwegian felt pain course through his body. It leaned over laughing still as it thrusted harder, using Denmark’s voice, “Where is he now?” he started grabbing Norway by his hair to make him look at The dead Dane, “Where is Denmark now? He can’t save you, no on can,” it leaned over more thrusting in harder and deeper, sending shocks of pain through Norway, “You’re mine…. And when I kill you, I hope you know…. Your corpse….. is my toy…” he finished, pulling out of Norway, still laughing….. using their voices.

               He screamed as the creature dragged a sharp jagged knife down his spine, stabbing him several time afterwards. He was then lifted and thrown towards the dead Dane. He crawled towards him only to be dragged back as punches were sent towards his skull, his face cut into, and taunted by the mocking voice of the creature. He stopped moving after a while, laying there half conscious, pain flowing through his system numbing his body. The creature stood up smiling, laughing at him, then walking out bringing all his tools with him.

                     With his remaining strength he pulled himself to lay next to Denmark, pulling their hands together, tears still falling, he kisses his sewed lips, “I….. L-Love you… My Husband… I-I shall see… You i-in…. T-The G-Great Hall…”

             He lets himself go after kissing Denmark again, laying close to his chest, dead on the floor.

The End…….