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APH In Blind Eyes 2/3

APH In Blind Eyes part 2

By: Stitches from TIC for DA and Creamofbroccoli at LJ

                 “Get away from me! WHO ARE YOU!” Norway yelled struggling against the chains that bound him, making his wrists bleed more, blood trickling down his arms and onto his bare chest.

             The stranger laughed, “You know exactly who I am,” It said voice changing as it stepped out of the dark…..The stranger was his height, blond, and wore old Norse clothing. It’s face was contorted with a blood lusting eerie smile just wishing to bite into Norway’s flesh, ripping and tearing at it, spilling the ruby red liquid onto the dirty blood soaked floor, adding more. The stranger looked… exactly… like…. Norway…..

               “I’m you…” It said smiling with sharp teeth.

                     “NO! You’re not!” Norway spat kicking at it.

              The creature laughed again, it sounded like a disgusting mixture of laughs, laughs that belonged to all the Nordics.
It made Norway cringe. Then the creature’s face, height, body, even clothes started to change. It became taller, more muscular, it’s hair turning a little shorter and spiked, it’s eyes going from purplish blue to cobalt….. it looked exactly like….. Denmark.

                   “You’re right…” it said with the Dane’s voice, “I’m not you… well, not anymo-”

                “SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!” He yelled wishing to cover his eyes, but unable too.

                     The creature cam closer to the shaking Norwegian, it lifted Norway’s chin up and licked Iceland’s blood off of his cheek, leaning over to Norway’s ear it whispered, “I think…. Out of the four I have killed so far, Denmark and Iceland’s blood tastes the best, but…. There is nothing like to blood of one of sorrow…”

               Using it’s snake like tongue, the creature licked up and down Norway’s neck, making Norway cringe and struggle away from the touch. It moved it’s hands up Norway’s  arms to his hands, “I’m guessing you’re not going to talk…… I hope you scream as loud as your lover, his voice was a treat to hear, as well as your brother.”
            Norway let the tears fall down from his face, “Shut up, don’t talk about them.”

                   “Do you think…” The creature started kissing and licking along Norway’s neck, leaving a black sludge behind, “… Denmark will come back from the dead, and kill me, if I took you right now, and killed you straight after?”

              Norway panicked more, trying to kick the thing off. A sharp painful cry escaping from his lungs when the creature’s chomped down onto his shoulder using it’s sharp shark like teeth to rip off some of his flesh, unlocking Norway’s wrists as he did so…. It leaned over to hiss into Norway’s ear, “You’re mine now….”



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