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APH The Greatest Heights Ch.1

APH The Greatest Heights

By: Stitches from TIC and Classifiedbatman/Creamofbroccoli

Pairing: NedDen + Christiania

Rating: PG 13, fluffy, maybe NC17

Part is taken from a drabble I wrote for someone ^^

Summary: after all the drama resulting in the birth of Christiania, Denmark and Netherlands goes through troubles with their relationship among other things in their life, including the baby. England, the one who had brought this upon the duo, is now being sued by the couple and is being forced with a restraining order upon him. Denmark and Netherlands go through more problems and find themselves fighting constantly and Netherlands leaves then home…

(Netherlands headcanon: loves Children, as in infants and toddlers, but when they get to a certain age, he believes they could raise themselves (like the modern day teenager lol)

Glorious Revolution reference:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorious_Revolution



         "Neth... Hej! come on stop twitching damn it!" Denmark said rocking the newly born sleeping baby in his arms.
                 "H-how?" The Dutchman asked as he shakily grabbed a cigarette from his back pocket and attempted to light it.
             "Stop that!" The Dane harshly whispered hitting the cigarette out of Netherlands' hands, "It's bad for the baby! plus, we're in a hospital!"
    With a slight huff Netherlands picked up his bud and put it behind his ear, "What else do you want me to do! You gave birth to a fucking baby! you're a man! how the hell does that work?!"
         "i already told you!" Denmark said rocking the baby a little more as he felt him become a little restless, "It was England's fault! He did some magic hocus pocus shiznit that involved both of us!"
             Netherlands stopped for a moment, "What'd you do?"
                  "Made fun of his parenting."
          "... you idiot." Netherlands sighed than looked at the kid, "What are ya going to do with it?"
                "'m goin' to raise HIM," The Dane said proudly, "I called him... Christiania… a freetown," He looked up at the other, "Neth... He needs two parents. Can ye please help us?"
        Netherlands sat on the side of the bed thinking for a moment before looking down at the child who started to wake calmly, "I have to admit… We made a cute kid..." he said holding out his finger pointing to Christiania.
       And then... something amazing happened. The baby grabbed his finger and then Netherlands actually felt like a father.


          Denmark leaned on Netherlands’ shoulder, tired from his surgery. He smiled watching the Dutchman’s face go from stone like to a soft face entranced by the baby as it gripped his finger. Netherlands just kept watching until he smiled looking towards Denmark who was looking back.

             “so… Want to be the far?” The Dane asked.

         The Dutchman chuckled, “That makes you the Moeder...”

                  “Awe fuck you shut up.” Denmark laughed.

             “Hej… Baby. Watch your mouth.” Netherlands silently laughed now playing with the kid, trailing his finger in the air as the new born giggled in laughed reaching up.

          “so… do you want t-!?”

                    His sentence was cut off as he was kissed softly by the Dutchman. He kissed back a little lazily, still tired, knowing the answer.


         “Did we get everything from the hospital? I hope we didn’t forget anything!” Finland said walking in with the remainder of the things from the car as the other nations sat on the couch. Sweden nodded to Finland signaling that everything was picked up. Denmark and Netherlands were on the couch watching the Baby and rocking him.

        Then Iceland asked the boggling question…

                “So how are you going to feed him?”

         The other nations looked at him for a moment, with blank expressions.

                        “Well, Mathias doesn’t really have boobs does he?!” Iceland blurted defensively against the stairs.

                     Norway smirk, “Formula…”

            Denmark laughed, “Kinda wish I had boobs though. That’d be awesome.”

               Netherlands nudged the Dane lightly in the head and pet the baby’s hair lightly, keeping his face a professional domineer. Denmark stood followed by Netherlands who held him protectively as soon as he saw the Dane teeter slightly. Denmark then gave Christiania to Netherlands and they walked upstairs together after wishing a goodnight. The other’s left as the duo went to bed.

                        “Shit… we don’t have a crib do we…” Denmark said sighing.

                Netherlands sat Denmark down easily on the bed and gave him the baby, “Hold on, I’ll see what I can do.” He said kissing the other again before heading out the door to find something for the child, leaving Denmark with a goofy smile plastered across his face.

                    He rocked the baby in his arms kissing it’s forehead before laying gently back against the headboards. He started to hum an old Danish lullaby seeing the baby cuddle into his chest. He smiled and started to sing lowly. Netherlands finally came back with a make shift crib after he finished the lullaby. Netherlands put the crib next to the bed and prepared it for the baby. Denmark then lightly placed the sleeping child into the crib and kissed his forehead wishing him a goodnight. Netherlands stood kind of awkwardly for a moment before Denmark invited him to bed, taking off his shirt before scooting into the bed next to the Dane.

                 “Tak.” Denmark said nuzzling in close to the other.

             Netherlands smiled, “Graag gedaan.”

                    Pulling the Dutchman in, he leaned in all the way and kissed the other on the lips receiving kisses back. It was nice, their kiss, quiet and slow, hoping not to wake the baby. Netherlands cupped Denmark’s cheek to pull him in a little more. Kissing the other one last time before they broke. The Dane turned so he was able to see Christiania and pressed his back against the other’s chest. Netherlands wrapped his arms around the companion and leaned over him slightly to see the sleeping baby once more. He laid back down, nuzzling his nose in the other’s wild hair as the Dane let a hand dip over the bed close to the baby.

                           “I remember when we were just fuck buddies… that was what… a day ago?” Denmark said chuckling.

                    “mmm.” Netherlands grunted slightly kissing the other’s neck.

                              “What are we now?”

                         “Parents… of a baby who may be screwed up by your drinking…”

                                     “More like by your weed…”

                   “Whatever. Either way… we’re parents.”

                             “What’s this mean for us?”

                          Netherlands looked down at the big cobalt eyes staring back at his olive ones, “We’re together…” He started, “we’re a couple…”

                    Denmark smiled up at the Dutchman and pulled him down into another soft kiss. He was still tired but would stay up forever with this man. They kissed for a couple seconds before breaking and resting on the bed.

            “Do your bandages need changing?” Netherlands asked nuzzling into the others hair.

                     “Not until morning…” Denmark said pressing his back to the other’s warm chest, “till then I’ll be fine,” He yawns and reaches for the light, turning it off, “Godnat~.”

                “goedenacht… Mathias.”


        Denmark woke the next morn alone in the bed. He looked to the crib, panicking a little when he didn’t see Christiania. He sat up a little to quickly for his stomachs sack. Holding it and clenching from the pain he stumbled out the bedroom door, down the stairs and into the kitchen. He sighed in relief, seeing Netherlands and some of the other Nordics in the kitchen. The Dutchman was cleaning, while Finland, Sweden, and Norway were playing around with the baby in his new high chair, made by Sweden the past night. Sweden was the first to see the Dane leaning heavily on the door frame and walked over to help him towards a chair. Netherlands stopped his cleaning and went for the aid kit the doctors had given them.

       “Y’u ok’y?” The Swede asked sitting Denmark down on a chair next to Christiania.

            “Ja… just got up to fast.” He said smiling as he twirled his finger in the air above the bouncing happy baby, “Should go put on new bandages though.”

                  “We’ll look after Christiania.” Finland smiled, holding up some baby formula.

                “Have ye thought of a human name yet?” Norway asked bluntly jingling keys over the baby’s head.

              Denmark paused for a moment, and looked at Netherlands, “N-No I didn’t even think of it to be honest…”

                            “Think about it later,” The Dutchman said helping the other up walking him toward the bedroom, “We have to deal with your bandages.”


        “Berwald made a crib.” Netherlands said leading the Dane up the stairs and down the hall.

                “Ain’t girly is it?” Denmark smirked making the other chuckle.

            “Hope not.” There was a smirk on the Dutchman’s face as he sat the other down, putting the first aid kit down on the bed and sad on his knees in front of the Dane. He started to unwrap the bandages seeing the Dane flinch a couple times. He placed his hand gently on the gauze before carefully peeling it off.

           “Some on your stitches opened…” Netherlands said calmly, “It’s not bad, an easy fix.”

                       Denmark nodded as he looked down at his long cut stitches, “Do ye think it’ll scar?”

        “Don’t know.” The Dutchman said bluntly as he put the new gauze on and started to wrap the bandages around the Dane again.

               “Jan…” Denmark whispered, grabbing one of the other’s wrists, “Do you think… we’ll be good parents?”

                   Netherlands looked up finishing before he pushed himself up enough so he could kiss the other. He pulled away having a tinge of a smile to his lips, “Ja… I do. Well, if you don’t get drunk.”

           “pfft, Or you getting’ high…”

      “Whatever,” Netherlands said rolling his eyes slightly, “you’re done. Put some clothes on so we can go dow-”

           “Okay Okay!” The Dane butted in, “just… come ‘ere.”

                     Netherlands smiled seeing the Dane pull him in, he kneeled again as their lips touched and moved together. His hands moved and massaged along the other thighs as he felt the warm tender palms holding his head in place, as the hands fingers lightly tapped on his neck. If he could, he would take the Dane there, just because they could, or, was it something else. Ever since the baby came he felt… different. Like some sort of realization was taking over and from this feeling, damn did he love it. He boosted himself up a little more to deepen the kiss as the other started to flick his tongue along his lower lip. He generously countered with his own, moving a hand up to the back of the other neck to kiss in deeper as the other let his tongue play and explore with the other muscle inside. It wasn’t until the need filled sigh from Denmark did he snap back to reality, ironically Denmark snapped back to same. They disconnected quickly staring at each other.

            “Baby…” Denmark huffed slightly catching his breath as he squirmed out of his scrub bottoms from the hospital, “l-let’s go down stairs…. Pants are in the drawer.”


        “glad to see you still go commando Mathias.” The Dutchman said helping the other with his pants, holding back his urges.

                “Ha! Yeah, nurses weren’t too happy about it though.”

                Netherlands chuckled as he stood helping his boyfriend up from the bed, he reached for a shirt for the other to wear, “Here,” he said helping the other put it on, “you know he’s going to grow up fast… have you thought of a name yet?”

                    “No I haven’t… I didn’t even think of schooling or anything like that…” Mathias said buttoning the shirt, “Human names are so hard to pick… Kids can be made fun of for anything… What do you think?”

                   He smoothed his hands gently along the other’s sides, “Well… I guess I’ll help… you’re choice really…”

           “ye know we won’t be able to fool around as much?” Denmark smirked, “Better make the times alone Reaallly special.”

                The Dutchman rolled his eyes and took the other’s hand leading him downstairs, “damn right we will…”


        They walked down the stairs hearing giggling and laughing and to the presence of three more guests, one in which practically tackled them both when they walked in.

                  “Congrats!” The happy Belgian girl said hugging them up making Denmark wince from his stitches.

             “Bloem!” Denmark smiled walking and sitting next to the baby as his Dutchman held her. “T-Tak!”

                  Christiania bounced and giggled as he saw his “Denmother” sit and started to reach for the Dane to pick him up. He was lifted out of his chair by the Dane and kissed on the forehead, making him giggle.

           It was then there was a knocking on the door, Finland stood and went to get it.


              “Well… look at the happy little dysfunctional family~.” The English accent practically poured through the room followed by laugher.

            Denmark stood and took a couple steps back holding the baby tightly in his arms, finding himself up against the wall now. Netherlands did the opposite, almost charging forward being stopped by his siblings, “Don’t you Fucking come near us Arthur!”He roared making the Englishman jump and step back.

           “He had what was coming to him…” England countered.

                     “For what?! Making a joke!?” Netherlands stood up straight, “Leave now… or the next revolution WON’T be a glorious one.”

                  “Tsk Tsk,” England sounded as he reached into his pocket pulling out Netherlands’ pipe, putting it out onto the table, “Thank you for the DNA Jan… you should’ve checked to see if I had stolen more than one.” He smirked up at Denmark, “Have fun being a parent… Don’t screw this one up.”

               Netherlands balled his fists as his siblings stepped back seeing his raged filled aura. Before he could move though, Sweden and Finland decided to interject, grabbing the Englishman by the jacket and dragging him out.

             “You need to leave.” Finland said through his teeth.

                    “Don’ exp’ct ta se’ yer Bror an’time soon.” Sweden said shoving him out the door and almost slamming it too hard.

             “Jan…” Denmark said rocking the now crying baby in his arms. He could feel his heart beat rapidly, not for them, but for the baby.

                      “Leave them…” Norway said nodding to the others to go into the next room.

          As the coast was clear the Dutchman spun around and moved quickly to the other standing close, “you okay?” he ask worried for the both of them.

               “J-Ja.” Denmark nodded.

                          Netherlands leaned down slightly to kiss the baby’s head and whisper , “hey hey. maak je geen zorgen, je goed bent, je bent oke. Papa en mama zijn hier. [[hey hey. do not worry, you're good, you're okay. Mom and dad are here.]]” He then stood as the Dane kept bouncing the baby lightly and kissed him softly as a sign not to worry.

            The baby started giggling, and they both smiled down at him.

                     “Søren…” Denmark said. “I want to call him Søren.”


APH The Painted Door

APH The Painted Door

[[based on Sinclaire Ross’ “The Painted Door”]]

Pairing: SuFin ft. Denmark…

Rating: PG13 [imagery]

                  Tino stood looking out the kitchen window as he swept. He sighed as he saw the snowstorm, hearing the whistle and moan, the door creaking from the pressures of the wind. He leaned the broom against the wall and saw Berwald walking back from the barn, probably done with his carpentry and work for the day. He jumped slightly excited and patted his clothing maker sure there was no dust left. He moved swiftly to the door opening it for Berwald. The tall built man walked in covered in snow and wood shaving, his coat was heavy and made for the cold winters in the North, a scarf covering his face and a wool hat on his head for the warmth that was needed through the storm. Tino helped Berwald out of the heavy clothing and brought him to sit over by the wood lit fire.
                        “I made Dinner…” He spoke nervously unsure how Berwald was feeling through his hidden emotionless face. Berwald’s facial expression scared Tino sometimes, making him jump and squeel. He was always ready to regain himself, it was just, the Swedish man was always so quiet, even in his heavy footsteps he was considered quiet. Tino sat next to his husband and touched his face, “Come sit down for dinner… you’re warming up now… you must be hungry.”

                          “I need t’go vis’t Lukas… “ Berwald’s voice was of a mumble covered by his accent, “He’s goin’ t’need h’lp.”
                Retracting his hand he stood brushing off his clothes and moving towards the table, “come eat… Lukas will be okay… he’s strong.” He was followed and sat with at the table.
                      “H’ needs h’lp… h’s sick.” He had mumbled with a slight argumentative tone, “M’goin’…”
               He felt slight anger but calmed himself, not saying a word as they ate making a somewhat awkward silence. When they had finished, Tino collection the plates putting them in the sink… he turned, seeing Berwald putting on his coat again. He rushed over, putting soft hands on the other’s chest, looking up him, “Don’t go… please don’t go. Aren’t I as or even more important than Lukas is?” he paused, “I’m sorry…” he stepped back, “please don’t go, what if you get caught out there? You’ll freeze! The storm is so bad that you can’t see anything… and… I’ll be by myself.”

              Berwald didn’t make a move, to scared to startle him, “I h’ve to… h’s goin’ t’need h’lp.”
             Tino didn’t respond and looked away from his husband.

                  “I… I C’n call Mathias… n’tell m’to come ov’r.” Berwald said trying to be helpful, “n’ ya kn’w I’ll be h’me no m’tter what…”
                “Mathias?” Tino asked repeating the name. Him and Mathias went back a while but, he hadn’t seen him after their last visit 2 months ago at a meeting. They talked for hours after the meeting, going out for dinner and dancing. He had felt a attraction to him. He made his comparisons quickly in his mind; The Dane was tall, handsome, fun loving, and talkative; Berwald was tall as well, but held a scary aura, he was quiet, and when he spoke it sent chills down peoples spins. He looked back up, his mind shouting at him to stop but a different feeling had clouded his vision as he nodded.
                  Berwald nodded and continued to put his coat on.
                       “Can you… can you go and shave first?.... t-to look nice I mean, before you go?” Tino asked moving closer placing his hands on the other’s chest.
                   “If I sh’ve  th’ cold wh’le hit m’face.” He spoke, “so I c’n’t sh’ve now.”

                      “Oh… alright… but, let me put a scarf around your neck. To keep you warm.” He started, “Are you sure you want to go?” he said again wrapping the scarf around his face, he smoothed out his coat and patted it, “I’ll busy myself while you’re gone. I may paint the door, a nice white, what do you think?” He asked Berwald, who nodded, “Please be safe, and come back.” He said before the other left out the door and on his way to Lukas’.

                Tino walked over to the cupboard and got the paint and brushes. He walked over to the door and started to paint the door, steady but lonely strokes hitting the cracked painted wood of the door in even strokes. he sat there painting, painting and thinking. Mathias face and presence flashed into his thoughts while and after his stopped painting.  Mixed races they would all be. Finnish, Swedish, Danish. Berwald barely touched at him anymore. He should his head hard swiping the thoughts away  putting the paint away  and relighting the candles on the table that had blown out from the cold moaning winds. The door creaked and there was a tapping on the glass. Turning to look, he saw Mathias’ smirking face at the window. He rushed to open it and let him in and away from the cold.
                 “Come in, oh gods you must be cold!” he said pulling the other lightly in and pushing the door shut behind them.

             “Haha.. m’fine Tino!” The Dane smiled taking off his coat and hanging it up, but then looked upon the other’s face with worry, “you’re white as a ghost,” he said putting a hand on Tino’s cheek, “come on… let’s get ya near the fire.” The taller Nordic wrapped an arm around the small Finnish man and brought him over to sit, his arm still draped around the other’s shoulders. Tino could hear the other’s breathing, as he put his hands out towards the fire to warm them. He was nervous, glancing once in a while to the Dane. His mind started to wander, thinking things one who has married should not think of, of other people. He shook the thoughts away and stood, “we should play a game! Um… cards?”

                Tino started towards a drawer in the kitchen, grabbing a deck of cards, a long towered candle, and a box of matches. He set them out upon the table, fiddling with the matches, hands shaking. He had not noticed Mathias’ when his hands were carefully touched and the Matches taken away from him. He jumped, turning his head to set his eyes upon the other’s face, seeing that ever happy smile that always found it’s way upon to Dane’s handsome face. Tino’s mind fluttered slightly, his mind thinking thoughts he should not be thinking of again. He shook his head sitting and started to shuffle the cards as Mathias lit the candle to illuminate that part of the table. His hands were still shaking with nerves running through his system still as he started to deal the cards. He looked up to Mathias, who still had that captivating smile placed upon his striking features. He paused, it had seemed as though, that smile… that gorgeous smile stayed afloat in the light, like the Cheshire cat itself. He fidgeted slightly looking at the cards in his hands, realizing he had not picked a game to play, he look up to Mathias, seeing the Dane’s gaze that trailed along his own body and blushed deeply holding the cards to his face.

            “Are ya okay?” Mathias asked reaching an arm over, trailing his fingers along Tino’s arm lightly. The rough fingers making an oddly soft touch on the Finnish man’s smooth pale skin. Tino shivered at the touch, putting his cards down on the table trying, but breaking, to control himself he decided to change the subject, “ I-I’m fine… yah! Um… w-would you like a treat?” he stands moving quickly over to the fridge, opening it and grabbing some pastries that were left in there. He turned to see Mathias’ eyes again tracing his body, “I would love a treat.” Was the Dane’s response as he licked his lips slightly as if one was not enough. Tino nervously walked over taking a seat next to Mathias and handing him a plate of the pastry. He took one himself, biting into it, eyes glancing over at Mathias once in a while. Putting the pastry down, a small bit of frosting was left on his upper lip, he hadn’t noticed it until Mathias had lightly grabbed his chin, turning his head to look at the Dane. He tried to wipe it off with his sleeve but his wrested was grabbed a pulled away slowly.

             “Let me…” Mathias said smiling, leaning in and with a light sensual touch, he licked off the frosting kissed the lip softly and leaned back slightly, not losing eye contact with the other.

         A blush crossed his face, red read like velvet. He couldn’t hold the urge anymore and he lunged forward kissing the other hungrily and with needs to be touched. He could feel the other kiss back, hands moving to his back, tongues starting to clash as he opened his mouth slightly to let the other in. he moaned and pulled at the other’s shirt, starting to already undo the buttons of the others clothes…

             Cold. He felt cold, really cold. Pulling the  blankets onto himself more he could help the feeling of a cold presence standing, staring at and over him. He tossed in his bed slightly, Mathias beside him in the bed, both of their clothes discarded around the room. His eye opened tiredly, then snapped open at he saw a large shadowed figure standing over him. He couldn’t breath, feeling as though the stare of the other was holding his throat, a thumb pushing in the center. He struggled for breath, tears flowing from his eyes. A nightmare. A nightmare. It’s a nightmare! Frantic thoughts poured and oozed through his mind. He was having a nightmare. He couldn’t breath, and that lose of breath, ended with a lose of consciousness.

                 He woke the next morning, next to Mathias still. He got up and went to the shower to clean himself off. He then changed, grabbing a heavy sweater and a pair of sweat pants. Running down the stairs he heard a wrapping at the door. He rushed and opened to see Eirik.
             “E-Eirik? W-What are you doing here?”
                    “I’m so sorry Tino….” He started, “But… you need to see what happened.”

           He had walked with Eirik five miles in the opposite direction of his home before he saw it. But, it was not an it, it was a who. He ran, he ran fast, so fast he tripped and fell crawling the rest of the way getting up when he was in front of the figure.
               “B-Berwald!” he cried, tears streaming down his face, as he saw the frozen to the earth man before him. The taller man’s tears were frozen to his cheeks, lips, skin, and all flesh had lost its colour. He fell to his knees crying. What had he been doing so far from the house? In the complete opposite direction of where he was going to!
              Then he saw it. A stain upon his hand. Tino moved closer to see touching it. He gasped loudly losing his breath in lungs. He fell back, tears still streaming down his face.

……….. White Paint.

APH In Blind Eyes 3/3

APH In Blind Eyes part 3

By: Stitches from TIC at DA and Creamofbroccoli at LJ

[[be warned.... there is rape.... rape is a terrible thing so i made it scary and realistic.... besides demon but ya]]

          He tried to swing back but had little luck as his arms were forced upon the ground. He was pinned, kicking and kneeing at the creature who had taken the shape of Denmark. He was scared, the thought of being raped by anyone terrified the hell out of him. He thrashed and struggled against it’s grip.

                     “No! Get off me!” He cried trying to keep his eyes away, trying to fight back as his small wrists were taken into one of the creature’s claw like hands. A sickening growl arose in the creature’s throat as it chomped down into Norway’s neck, making the nation cry out loudly as his eyes opened widely from the pain. Norway struggled more, trying to kick it off. The creature moved a leg in as it sucked and lapped up the blood, which was spilling out of Norway’s neck.

                              “No! No!” His heart was panicking, he didn’t want this, but, he was unable to do anything about it…

                   The creature pulled out a knife and sliced a thin line down the center of Norway’s chest and held it close to his face right after, “You’ve got one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen…” it said with it’s disgusting contorted grin, “….. I can’t wait to tear through it…”

                    Norway shook under it, blood spilling out of his neck and chest. The knife started along his cheek, but was dragged deeply down to his chest stopping at his abdomen. He held his breath as the creature did this, not letting it have the satisfaction again. Then… he felt his pants being pulled at.

                He started to struggle and thrash again spilling blood and reclaiming one of his hands, punching the creature across the face, freeing himself from it’s grips, he was now able to run and grab something to protect himself with. He was only able to run a couple of feet before he was grabbed again and thrown against the wall, having the back of his head grabbed and smashed into the wall repeatedly. He was thrown again, against a table, bent over it. Before he could get up his head was slammed into the cold surface and his hands spread upwards, wrist on top of wrist, having them stabbed into to make him stop moving. He yelled loudly, letting tears fall as blood was smeared across the table under him. He couldn’t move, he was trapped. His legs were spread, pants pulled down to pool around his ankles. He cried as he looked up towards the others bodies, eyes moving towards Denmark’s sewed up eyes. His hips were grabbed. Still looking at the real Denmark he whispered, “Jeg elsker deg….” As the first of many painful thrusts entered his body. He cried onto the table, as blood spilled out more onto the table.

                    He felt it’s nail scratch down his back, cutting deep into his skin. His thighs were being stabbed into, fingers being shoved into his mouth cutting his tongue and the inside of his mouth. The creature laughed as it thrusted itself deep into Norway, as the Norwegian felt pain course through his body. It leaned over laughing still as it thrusted harder, using Denmark’s voice, “Where is he now?” he started grabbing Norway by his hair to make him look at The dead Dane, “Where is Denmark now? He can’t save you, no on can,” it leaned over more thrusting in harder and deeper, sending shocks of pain through Norway, “You’re mine…. And when I kill you, I hope you know…. Your corpse….. is my toy…” he finished, pulling out of Norway, still laughing….. using their voices.

               He screamed as the creature dragged a sharp jagged knife down his spine, stabbing him several time afterwards. He was then lifted and thrown towards the dead Dane. He crawled towards him only to be dragged back as punches were sent towards his skull, his face cut into, and taunted by the mocking voice of the creature. He stopped moving after a while, laying there half conscious, pain flowing through his system numbing his body. The creature stood up smiling, laughing at him, then walking out bringing all his tools with him.

                     With his remaining strength he pulled himself to lay next to Denmark, pulling their hands together, tears still falling, he kisses his sewed lips, “I….. L-Love you… My Husband… I-I shall see… You i-in…. T-The G-Great Hall…”

             He lets himself go after kissing Denmark again, laying close to his chest, dead on the floor.

The End…….

APH In Blind Eyes 2/3

APH In Blind Eyes part 2

By: Stitches from TIC for DA and Creamofbroccoli at LJ

                 “Get away from me! WHO ARE YOU!” Norway yelled struggling against the chains that bound him, making his wrists bleed more, blood trickling down his arms and onto his bare chest.

             The stranger laughed, “You know exactly who I am,” It said voice changing as it stepped out of the dark…..The stranger was his height, blond, and wore old Norse clothing. It’s face was contorted with a blood lusting eerie smile just wishing to bite into Norway’s flesh, ripping and tearing at it, spilling the ruby red liquid onto the dirty blood soaked floor, adding more. The stranger looked… exactly… like…. Norway…..

               “I’m you…” It said smiling with sharp teeth.

                     “NO! You’re not!” Norway spat kicking at it.

              The creature laughed again, it sounded like a disgusting mixture of laughs, laughs that belonged to all the Nordics.
It made Norway cringe. Then the creature’s face, height, body, even clothes started to change. It became taller, more muscular, it’s hair turning a little shorter and spiked, it’s eyes going from purplish blue to cobalt….. it looked exactly like….. Denmark.

                   “You’re right…” it said with the Dane’s voice, “I’m not you… well, not anymo-”

                “SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!” He yelled wishing to cover his eyes, but unable too.

                     The creature cam closer to the shaking Norwegian, it lifted Norway’s chin up and licked Iceland’s blood off of his cheek, leaning over to Norway’s ear it whispered, “I think…. Out of the four I have killed so far, Denmark and Iceland’s blood tastes the best, but…. There is nothing like to blood of one of sorrow…”

               Using it’s snake like tongue, the creature licked up and down Norway’s neck, making Norway cringe and struggle away from the touch. It moved it’s hands up Norway’s  arms to his hands, “I’m guessing you’re not going to talk…… I hope you scream as loud as your lover, his voice was a treat to hear, as well as your brother.”
            Norway let the tears fall down from his face, “Shut up, don’t talk about them.”

                   “Do you think…” The creature started kissing and licking along Norway’s neck, leaving a black sludge behind, “… Denmark will come back from the dead, and kill me, if I took you right now, and killed you straight after?”

              Norway panicked more, trying to kick the thing off. A sharp painful cry escaping from his lungs when the creature’s chomped down onto his shoulder using it’s sharp shark like teeth to rip off some of his flesh, unlocking Norway’s wrists as he did so…. It leaned over to hiss into Norway’s ear, “You’re mine now….”


APH In Blind Eyes

APH In Blind Eyes

By: Stitches from TIC at DA and Creamofbroccoli at LJ

            “Stop it! Stop!”

                        Chained, he was chained to the wall as the other was beaten with whips, bricks, bats, and anything sharp.

            “Stop it! Let him go!”

                        This was the only time he was yelling so loudly. He could never remember, ever, of him screaming so loud, especially for the other.

            “Stop beating him! Denmark! Please! Get up!”

He struggled against the tight chains that made him bleed. He had already seen him kill Sweden, Finland, and his own brother, Iceland. The beater had wiped his brothers blood upon his face, almost making him break down. Denmark had made a bad move in comforting him and ended up being next on the beater’s list. He was forced to watch yet again as he saw another loved one cut, stabbed, and beaten almost to death now.

            “Denmark! Please! No! Stop it! STOP IT!”

                        His cries were to be ignored again as the beater swung again with a knife into Denmark’s side earning him a bloody gargled yell.


                        He was panicked and wanted to escape and run to him, protect him, fight for him.

                        Denmark’s hands, legs, and body, had stopped moving. The killer standing up and moving over to him. He tried to back up, even though he was struggling against the wall. He was terrified, but he could not run. He saw the littered defiled bodies laid across the floor. Sweden’s face torn apart, eyes stabbed into his hands. Finland’s body mutilated, arms cut off in hacked out chunks as his eyes stabbed with knives. Iceland, suffocated, throat split, mouth gagged, body mutilated as well, stab wounds and bruises everywhere, his head beaten in. Denmark, sides jabbed into, stomach cut open, guts and organs spilling out, his face damaged, mouth sewn shut after the last yell, sewn down….. into a disgusting frown, eyes sewn shut as well. All their faces forced to look at the final victim.

                                    For last……

                                                …….It was Norway’s turn…….

TBC…. If wanted…….

APH The Times I Wish Not To Sleep

APH The Times I Wish Not To Sleep

By: Stitches from TIC at DA and Creamofbroccoli at LJ

            Time. What is it that people find in time. It’s rushing, it’s both slow and fast. But. What if, time was all you got, and the time was very little compared to other’s time. Say you’re like me, trapped in a never ending dream. No… not dream, a night terror. My time may run and die as soon as I open my eyes in the tearful world I call my dreams. I cover my ears to muffle the sounds of cries, screeches, and booms. These chains that hold me hurt. But nothing is supposed to be real, I shouldn’t feel a thing. I wonder if their watching over me, well, my body that is. I wonder if they’re scared to see my body thrash and struggle, arms flailing, screaming at the top of my lungs, wanting to get free. I’m crying, I know I am, I always do. But, I can’t wake from this nightmare, not without help….

                 My name is Mathias Kølher and I have night terrors. Dreams, horrifying nightmares inwhich I can’t break. I can’t break it, even though I’m a nation, I can’t break it. I want to die, I want to frown when I wake and walk around like so but I can’t. I can’t or people will know something is wrong with me…. I can’t worry them, I shouldn’t, especially Lukas, I can’t stress him. Out of all people I don’t want him to worry. I’m fine after all, I am…. Aren’t I?

                I cracked open my eyes, wishing I didn’t. I screamed loudly, tumbling back, trying to get away. The sky was a eerie dark gray, black clouds drifting in the air. There was a stink of rotting corpses and metallic blood intoxicating the air. Bodies of people I knew littered the cracked grey ground, covering in red velvet blood. I wanted to throw up. I should be used to these now, right? Why was it always so difficult to bear, to dream. I look at my feet as I felt something touch my foot. No. No no no no no no. Sealand… I try to look away, but can’t, it’s too horrifying. His body, his face, all the maggots and decay. I shout as he grabs my ankle, cracking his neck to look up at me. Half his face was missing, eyes hanging from their sockets.  His jaw was hanging loosely. He crawled on top of me with twisted arms, I shook trying to look away. Then, he exploded in blood and decay.

            “AHHHH!” I screamed getting up and running, fast, as fast as my legs would take me. I ran heart beating in my chest, looking behind me stopping, I stayed there, looking in the same direction, walking back into something, I jumped and turn seeing Iceland… he was… normal. I sighed, closing my eyes. “Thank god… I it over?” I asked opening my eyes to see Iceland, realizing no… it was not over. His mouth was opened three times as wide a normal person’s hot lava poured from it and ash smoked from his eyes and into the air. His body was shaking violently.

         “No… no no no no no!” I pushed past him before his body erupted in flames, hearing the sharp cries and screams burning in the air behind me, along with his body.

               ~ just keep running, keep running! Don’t look back! Just run! Far… this isn’t real, this isn’t REAL!~

          I stumbled again and again falling into the blood soaked dirt. I kept getting up, there had to be an exit…. Some where. The world was spinning, I held my head and fell to my knees, eyes closed tightly. When it stopped, a hand was placed upon my head gently, I sighed in relief looking up. Then that hand grabbed my hair wrenching me up. Screaming I tried to get the person’s hand off looking into the other “man’s” eyes.

     “T-Tino…” I managed to say, wincing in pain. I was horrified, a quarter of the top of his face was missing, teeth like a sharks and eyes wide and blood shot. He had a gun for a hand, the other a claw wrapped, clenched in my hair. I wanted to scream. He smiled wickedly and shot forward into my shoulder, chomping down and ripping a huge chunk of my flesh off my body. I screamed. That’s all I could do was scream. I wanted to die and get out…. But that’s the thing about dreams sometimes….. sometimes you can’t get out of them…..

         He spat the flesh out and tried to bite down, but I swung and punched him across the face. I got up holding my shoulder, running, running, I looked behind me, a puff of smoke showing the disappearance of Finland. But I know it wasn’t over….. I looked around preparing myself for something…. Anything….. but…. It didn’t come…. I started to walk again, cautiously, looking around nervously…. I walked like that for a while, blood still raining down from the sky. My shoulder bleeding, I’m getting dizzy, I dropped to my knees, bending over in pain. Then it happened…. A hand broke out through the ground grabbing my face, nails digging into my temples. I scream… forced up by the hand, feet dangling in the air….. Sweden… it’s Sweden. His jaw is missing eyes bigger and scarier than they normally were, greenish black sludge dripping out of his ears. Clothes tattered, bones jutting and ripping out of his skin, blood drenching all his clothes, his other arm was missing.

              I struggled to get free, clawing at the Swedes arms and kicking at him. His nails cut into my temples, blood dripping down the sides of my face as the sky turned black and the ground turned grey. The blood was still crimson, and I was still screaming. I booted him in the face, breaking his neck back, but he stood as a stone and did not move, a gargled bloody sound escaping his throat. Panicking more I thrashed and kicked harder finally being dropped…. Sweden’s arm still locked on my face, the rest of him turning into a mush on the ground. Panicking I try to get it off,  pulling at it, clawing at it, trying to get it off. It’s nails dug into my skull, it’s touch burning… I screamed and yelled in pain. Hollering for someone to help me. I started calling for Norway…. As I always did in my night terror state…. He was always there to rescue me from them…. But unfortunately… he had insomnia. Him… or Netherlands.

                 The arm dissolved off my face, melting in my hands and dripped down my face. I scurried back… there was either one or two last people… I looked around for either the Dutchman or Norwegian. I didn’t want to deal with it…. Not them… it was always the worst….  I started calling out both their names….
            “LUKAS!!! JAN!!!” I called, having no answer…. ~please wake me up….~

                    I heard something and moved around the trees that lead to buildings. I kept my guard up as the sound became louder. It sounded like muffled moans and cries, like someone was being tortured…. I stayed behind the buildings always looking behind me. I moved over peering behind a structure, my eyes widened seeing the scene as Netherlands was chained to the wall, mouth gagged and was being attack by the past’s Nazi Germany…. Which meant…. Especially in my night terrors…. Prussia was around somewhere…. I froze in my spot unable to stop watching as the German started to rip Netherlands’ organs out of his stomach. “J-Jan….” I whispered tears falling, “N-No….. NO!” I yelled running at Germany to try and stop it, but, coming out of no where, Prussia had tackled me forcing me to the wall as well, making me watch in horror as my Best Friend’s blood ran from his mouth and open gashing wounds. I was dizzy with sickness from it all, my own wounds hurting. Prussia then forced me to look at him, his red eyes blazing… he walked back and into a building, pulling out Norway by his arm, yanking him as he struggled.

                    “LUKAS!” I yelled struggling against my chains, “LUKAS!!” I was screaming the whole time, crying as I was forced to watch Netherlands die, having Germany grab my face forcing to look directly at Norway as he was thrown the the ground and pounced on struggling to get free as the Prussia pulled out a knife.

          Germany lend over and whispered in my ear in a blood lusting tone, “You. Did. Nothing….”

                       “Mathias!!! Help me!!!! Mathias!” Norway called for me, he called for me over and over and I couldn’t do anything. He kept yelling, with me yelling and crying back. I shut my eyes, forcing them to stay shut as the first stabs of many went into Norway’s chest.

               And that was when I woke up screaming, in a hospital. People I knew and loved watching me in horror behind a window to my room, as I shot up from the bed holding my head and screaming and crying bloody murder. Both Lukas and Jan being held back by other nations… They knew…. everyone knew now…. Because I had fallen asleep during a meeting, and started dreaming, unable to wake when other’s asked and pushed and hit… the yelling started… and then they sent me to the hospital.

               Doctors tried to control me, pushing me down as a screamed, I tried to fight back, punching and kicking at them. They had to put me out… and then…. I was back in my dream land… unknowing of when or if I’d be back…